The Zombie Dogs are a boss that spawns randomly during scavenging, and will continue to appear more often later on in the player's travels. There are only 2 of them, but they have a very rapid movement rate.

Making contact with a zombie boss at any time will decrease the player's HP by 30 and stop whatever they are doing (i.e: scavenging, jobs, etc.).


Note that the information in this section is based on opinion, and may not be the best way to go about this.

  • When these bosses first appear, it is recommended that the player quickly takes out any other zombies on the field so they don't get in the way of the fight. After doing so, depending the the distance of the dogs, the player should be able to kill one of them before they get into pouncing distance. Once one of them is killed, the player can then pick off the other by shooting at it while it pauses to pounce. If both are still alive when they get to the pouncing position, the player will have double the difficulty in taking them out, so it's best to take at least one out before they get near.


  • They will pause every few seconds to attempt to pounce on the player. It is suggested that the player either uses the pause-time to fire at the dog(s), or to try and get to a safe distance to continue the fight.
  • They can die in 3 shots each, meaning that the player will need at least six shots to take down this boss.
  • Shooting them in the head will not acually hit them, as bullets will go through them.
  • If the player is attacked while scavenging, they will take the respective damage and lose half of the supplies they gathered.