The Zombie Bear is a boss that spawns randomly during scavenging, and will continue to appear more often later on in the player's travels.

Making contact with a zombie boss at any time will decrease the player's HP by 30 and stop whatever they are doing (i.e: scavenging, jobs, etc.).


Note that the information in this section is based on opinion, and may not be the best way to go about this.

  • When the boss first appears, it is recommended that the player swiftly finishes off the remaining zombies so they don't get in the way of the fight. After taking out the zombies, the player should fire a few shots into the bear to begin to slow it down. Once the bear gets too close for comfort, it is recommended that the player moves away and starts to run in a circular-kind of circuit around the map, using the obstacles to their advantage, while firing shots back at the bear to slow it down. Continue doing so until the fight is completed.


  • It can not be killed, but when shot, it is slowed down for a small period of time. This can be stacked twice.
  • If the player is attacked while scavenging, they will take the respective damage and lose half of the supplies they gathered.
  • It is replaced with Frankenstein's monster on Halloween Mode.

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