All Current Supplies

Supplies are critical to a player's trek across post-apocalypse America. Supplies may be found while scavenging, bought in settlements, or traded for other supplies. A player's starting supplies depend on their choice of loadout in Endless Mode, but are fixed in Campaign Mode.


Food is required to keep the party alive. The rate of food consumption can be determined by the player through rationing (Small, Medium, or Large). This controls the rate at which food is eaten, but only large rations avoid health loss through hunger. Putting the party on small rations saves food, but negatively impacts their health.  The chips is worth 15. The can is worth 20. The bag is worth 100. The cart is worth 250.


Ammunition is the bullets used by the player when taking out zombies or bandits. It is crucial for successful scavenging. Each shot consumes 1 ammo (or 3 when using the shotgun). Ammo is relatively expendable and is used by the player during scavenging. Ammo can be found on the ground in the Safe Haven and rarly when scavenging.


Money is the currency in game used to purchase goods at landmarks. Supplies can also be sold for money at these locations. The bill is worth 5. The wallet is worth 20. The sack is worth 50.


Scrap is used to repair the car's health during Repairs. In each repair attempt, the player can use 2, 4, or 8 scrap to restore some of the car's health. Using more scrap increases the number of wrenches in the repair minigame. The amount repaired in the minigame is equal to your performance during the minigame (letter grade) plus an additnal point of repair for each hit in a combo The pipe is worth 5. The tape is worth 10. The small pile is worth 15. The large pile is worth 20.


Medkits restore 30% of a party member's health. They are the only means by which the main character can restore health (unless the rest of your party is dead). They cannot remove a zombie bite from a party member, but they can keep them alive. The medikit can only be found on scavenging if you have the Medikit Scavenger combat technique.

Car PartsEdit

Car Parts are necessary for the normal operation of the station wagon. They often break down during random events, and are replaced from the supply pool. If there are no spare parts and the ones in use break down, the car is inoperable and the party is stranded. Then you need to trade for a part you need to keep going.

Since The Final Cut release, a fishing mini-game can be launched while resting in some places, it's possible to fish some parts like a muffler or a tire with a rare probability. It's one way to avoid trading for parts if you're trying to get "Trader Jose's" achievement.