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Organ Trail is a post-apocalyptic indie game in which you and 4 friends (whose names you decide) must survive. It was made by the company Men Who Wear Many Hats. Throughout the game, you'll discover robbers, zombies, barely working station wagons, and friends who will help you along the way.

It can be purchased on Steam for $4.99 USD. Final Cut Expansion Pack can also be purchased for $4.99 USD.

It can also be purchased on iOS, Android,from the developer, Desura


  • Name Your Party After Your Friends and Watch Them Die Slowly.
  • Hours Of Gameplay!
  • Scavenge For Supplies While You Fight Back The Undead.
  • Get Dysentery and 9 Other Diseases.
  • Manage your Food, Ammo, Fuel, Medkits and More in your Struggle To Survive.
  • Put Down Infected Party Members Who Might Turn On You.
  • Stop at Towns to Trade, Take Jobs and Fix Your Car.
  • Endless Mode! Play Until You Die!
  • Car and Combat Upgrades.
  • Fight Off Bandits.
  • Zombie Boss Fights.
  • Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Style Encounters on the Road.
  • A Weather System and Day/Night Cycles.
  • Huge Soundtrack and Delicious Apple 2 Pixel Art.
  • 28 Achievements.
  • Survivor Leaderboards.
  • 400 Community Written Tombstones.
  • Bonus Ridiculous Physics Based Driving Game.


(Refer to Campaign Mode for more details)
After the player is saved by a former priest named Clements, the two band together with a group of fellow survivors and plan to drive to a safe zone located on the west coast. However, Clements is bitten before reaching Washington D.C. and leaves the players and their group with his journal—which explains some of the gameplay—before being mercy killed by the player.

From here, players scrape together their initial supplies and leave Washington D.C. The city is nuked by the military, and the player’s party begins their cross-country drive. Upon arriving at the safe haven in Washington State, players are asked to assist the people inside by collecting gasoline, in order to power the generator that controls the haven’s draw bridge.


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