A Combat Trainer is someone who is able to teach the player useful techniques that they can utilize in combat. This option can only be accessed at landmarks. The Combat Trainer will provide these services for a moderate fee of 80 dollars. The player is able to have three known techniques.

The following is a list of them:

  • Carry Capacity+: Carry up to 100 more oz of food from scavenging
  • Medical-Kit Scavenger: Find Medical-kits while scavenging
  • Money Scavenger: Find mostly money while scavenging
  • Faster Movement: Move 50% quicker
  • Faster Shooting: Bullets move 50% quicker
  • Faster Reloading: Guns reload 50% quicker
  • Body Armour: Take 20% less damage when losing a combat
  • Action Hero: Chance of not using up a bullet when firing a gun