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Campaign Mode is the story-driven mode of Organ Trail. The player will begin the game under attack by zombies and be saved and greeted by a former priest named Clements. Afterwards, he asks the player if they have any friends they trust, in which the player will enter the names of four friends they think are still alive. Clements informs the player that they may be alive in Washington D.C. The player and Clements both set out for the capitol. During the small venture to the capitol, Clements breaks his arm, gets dysentery, and is bitten by a zombie. When you make it to Washington D.C, Clements gives you his journal in order to help inform you of possible scenarios throughout the game, such as when gathering supplies in D.C. After you find the supplies you will use on your journey to Safe Haven, Clements notes that he is bitten by a zombie, and is asked to be mercifully killed.

Shortly after reuniting with the friends the player listed and leaving Washington D.C, the city is nuked by the military and the player and the group set out to Safe Haven in Oregon.


Upon arrival to Safe Haven, the player will need to collect gasoline for a generator and defeat a boss to gain entry.  If the player is injured during either of these objectives, they will will begin to crawl towards the gate of Safe Haven, attempting to outrun a zombie.  Just before the zombie attacks the player character, Clements will appear in front of the gates and rescue the player character.